Program Management



Icon & Ikon believes in the need for project management in order to effectively maintain the integrity and success of the overall project. Our effective program management methods ensures that each project will be successfully completed within the client's budgetary and schedule requirements. We provide optimal solution to the constant need of project funding studies, grant applications and syndication. 

We have assisted municipalities and private institutions to secure federal, state and county grant funding for transportation and other infrastructure improvements. 

The following are specific services provided under capital improvement programming: 


  • Capital Development Procedures manual


  • Capital Improvement Program planning


  • Capital Improvement budgeting


  • Contract coordination


  • Vendor selection/coordination


  • Property accounting


  • Organization/structure/teaming


  • Training & Orientation


  • Progress reporting & corrective action plans


  • Strategic Planning


  • Project Funding Studies/ Project Syndication


  • Project Feasibility Studies


  • Capital Improvement Program Development