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How to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Home renovation and development has taken a new turn with the advent of modern technology and communications. Everybody now wants a house that looks like one owned by a certain celebrity. They can simply Google and see some of the world’s most astonishing houses. However, these houses have a hefty price tag and about 99% of people cannot afford it. Although there are small hacks that come in a small price range that can help you uplift the current architectural design of your home. One of the methods is to increase the curb appeal of your house which makes your house stand out in the hood. Small home renovations like garage wand walkway development can go a long way in increasing the aesthetic and financial value of your property. Let us look at the ways you can invest in architectural design in order to increase the curb appeal of your home.


This should always be the first and foremost step before you spend the first dollar. In this day and age, everything is available online. Getting to know the kind of home renovation or development you want is very important. Therefore, go through the various architectural design sharing platforms in order to get a gist of what you want.

Roof Saga

The roof is the first thing that someone coming towards your home sees due to the elevation. The first step is to get the basics right. Make sure that it is cleaned and painted periodically. Also, ensure that there is not a single piece of roof exterior missing as it gives a very bad first impression. If it is crooked or even leaking, get professional help immediately before the damage gets extensive. A roof replacement will up your home's curb appeal factor to unimaginative proportions.

Calling It Out

The way your house is identified is very important and should be on the top of your list for home renovation and development. Make sure that the house numbers are large, impactful and shiny. The lighting has to be proper for night illumination of the house number. If it is a name board instead of numbers, it gets the same A-grade treatment. Remember you want to be the house everybody knows about.

Walkways Are Important

Once your guest or potential buyer gets off the car, it is the walkway that attracts him and leaves the first real impression. Go with a modern or traditional design that can be easily searched online. However, ensure symmetry and tidiness of the walkway as it is the most used part of your curb. Garage doors are the next thing that can lower your curb appeal even if you invest heavily on the entrance of your house. Get the colors matched with the overall scheme and add a tinge of greenery around the walkway that leads to the garage door as well. The whole point of home renovation should be the matching of the curb theme leading to an overall appeal upgrade.

Get Expert Assistance

You can easily fall into the trap of DIY videos on YouTube. Therefore, the best way to go about home renovation is to hire professional services. They will not only save you a lot of time but money as well that you may waste because of your inexperience. Surely, you can know what you want through the internet, but real development with any sort of investment should be handed over to people who have experience of home and curb development.

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