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Top Architectural Hacks to Die For

Building and designing a new home takes a lot of energy. Though, there are certain hacks to architecture that are simply awe inspiring and will leave you amazed at first glance. “Raising the ordinary to the extraordinary”, is easier said than done. But, it is not impossible at all. All you need is a little guidance from the experts and a novel idea for a change. Here are a few extraordinary architectural hacks that are simply to die for:

Lighten Up for Starters

Research shows that lit up spaces are more comfortable to live in and keep depression at bay. Besides, working, eating and living in poor lighting conditions just takes away the joy from life as you know it. They are trendy and in vogue right now. They also lend a carefree look to your home and on cloudy days, you could just shut it in and enjoy the view of the sky even as the rain hits the window pane.

The False Ceiling Act

Now, when it comes to architectural hacks, this is one of the items that should be right on top of your list. Redecorate your home and give it an absolutely new look with a better furnished and totally altered ceiling. You could go for simple textured ceilings and moulds if you’re in love with class, grace and elegance. Be extravagant and try metallic spray painted ceilings with the help of easily obtainable and customizable stencils. A chandelier could go well with a centered design as well. For a more Bohemian look, you could also use classic wooden panels to give the room a cozy used and comfortable look. A ceiling with a wild look or even simple polished wood with matching furniture in the room would add some flavor into your home.

A Statement Wall

A statement wall is just that…a wall that makes a statement. It is the simplest way to project your imagination and personality onto a single wall at your home. This not just makes your living space more comfortable, but also is a trajectory of your inner being. You could give your statement wall any look, from displaying different fabric pieces in a tasteful way to a raw bohemian look or even a bookshelf with fairy lights or some symmetric design or graphics. This could actually be a whole new summer DIY project for you if you have the time and the enthusiasm to complete it on your own. Basically, the statement wall also lends a sense of space to your room and throws in a little color and individuality into it.

All-Surrounding Balcony

A balcony that goes all around your entire apartment is a great aesthetic addition to your home. Not only will it give you a great view from all sides, but you’ll also have space to place all those favorite potted plants and that hanging seat. Trying any of these architectural hacks on your home should go a long way towards better plans and help you decorate it further. Structure and organize your house into a home with these simple yet dynamic architectural hacks.

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